Washed up mermaid

If anyone knows me, just a little bit, they know that I love to change the color of my hair. The last few months I went from red, to red with a black ombre to light brown and sea foam green. I was in love with my red hair and actually surprised I had the color for over a year, but it was time for a change. I have plans in the future so I’m slowly transitioning back to a more “normal” hair color.

After a few months of obviously faded light brown I decided to dye the brown part of my hair back to my actual hair color, which is a really dark brown. Almost black. I love the result! My mermaid green looks so much better because of the contrast.

The sea foam green color in the bottom layer of my hair is called Washed up mermaid by Bleach London, which I ordered from the Boots website and had delivered to my lovely friend Dani back when she was still living in the UK. Like all unnatural hair colors this is a semi-permanent dye and will stain the hair, but fade with each wash. This color was perfect for me! It was hard saying goodbye to my Ariel red mermaid hair, so I wanted to keep at least a part of my hair colorful and mermaidy.

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