Magical Girl Eyeliner ♡ Review

Moon Prism Power Makeup ♡ Today I have another review for you guys, this time I’ll be reviewing the Sailor Moon x Miracle Romance eyeliner in black. When I told the boyfriend I was going to write a review on this eyeliner he kept bugging me to do a video review, but, you guys will have to do with my written review. Ghehe.

I had been curious to try a Japanese brand eyeliner, after reading and watching some reviews it seems that Japanese eyeliners are just a tad darker, don’t smudge easily and are super easy to apply. I had never heard of the Miracle Romance brand but after looking up a few reviews it seems that the eyeliners can be compared to the Dolly Wink brand eyeliners and because Dolly Wink is a popular brand I thought I’d give this super adorable Sailor Moon x Miracle Moon eyeliner a try.

There’s a total of four different liquid eyeliners and one pencil eyeliner. The black and brown liquid eyeliners, and white pencil eyeliner are packaged in a Sailor Moon packaging, the blue liquid eyeliner in a Sailor Mercury packaging and the red liquid eyeliner in a Sailor Mars packaging.

Sailor Moon x Miracle Romance Liquid Eyeliner – Black
Color & Intensity 4/5
Quality 5/5
Applicator Tip 3/5
Overall 4/5

I had expected a felt tip but was surprised with a really thin brush tip at 0.1 mm. I would’ve liked it if the tip would be a little thicker, but I think this works really well for a perfect thin eyeliner look. After I tried the eyeliner I was completely satisfied, the product glides on so easily and the color is an intense black for a liquid eyeliner, though not to be compared to a gel liner.

I was especially impressed with how long this eyeliner lasts and how it doesn’t stamp onto my lids during the day, which usually happens after a while with any eyeliner. The color fades a little during the day but that doesn’t bother me too much. The liner barely smudges and is easy to re-apply during the day if needed. I’m really satisfied with this eyeliner, the quality of this product is great, it lasts a long time and is easy to apply. As a bonus the packaging is also really cute.

I was not asked to do this review by anyone and was not given these products for free. I purchased these products myself and am giving my own, honest, opinion about them.

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