Goals for the new year

We’re almost one month into the new year, but I’m still super excited to set a few goals for myself. Since December I’ve been working hard to go to the gym at least once a week and getting a bit in shape. Not necessarily trying to lose weight, but just trying to be a little more healthy and a little less lazy.

To motivate myself I promised myself a present once I complete my first goal. I set a goal of doing a minimal of three workouts a week, for the whole month of February. I am super stoked to start working hard, eat healthier and drink a lot more water. To help myself a little with keeping track of the progress, I created these cute printable square workout plans for each month.

Each square has the amount of weeks for that month (horizontal), and three boxes for each week (vertical). The first square has a list of activities and mini workouts I can do, each activity highlighted with a different color. Once I completed a workout I will color one of the boxes for that week with the highlight of the activity that I completed. To keep everything nice and organised I got a small notebook and pasted all of the squares in it, this way I can always look back at my progress and mix and match my workouts so I won’t be doing the same activities over and over again.

I love getting myself excited with cute little printables like this, let me know in the comments if any of you guys would like this workout plan as a free printable!

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  1. Floor Daasvand
    February 5, 2015 at 9:50 pm (7 years ago)

    Handig systeem! Misschien voor mij ook wel handig, ik heb me er nog steeds niet toe gezet om work-outs te doen *oeps*


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