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Winter Pastels

I love pastels and I love a new manicure. Back in the states I stocked up on a few new colors of gel polish. This is Sensationail’s Lilac Heirloom, a really light pastel purple color. I hadn’t had any time to try this one out yet, so the first thing before new years was giving myself a new manicure. You know, just to start the new year fresh.

My NYE was a quiet one, I didn’t do anything too crazy. Together with my family we stayed at a hotel to begin the new year together. We watched the fireworks at midnight and I got to chit chat on the phone with my boyfriend for a few hours as well that night, which made the new year already special to me. Unfortunately I’ve been sick and am still recovering from a very sore throat and a stuffy head. But, I’m looking forward to 2015.

I’m excited and am sure that it’ll be a blessed year.

Fancy falsies for Christmas

First of all – Merry Christmas – Hope you all had a blessed one, I surely did. First thing in the morning we had a family breakfast, after that it was getting to church and spending a very blessed day together with my brothers and sisters in Christ. That evening I went home with a terrible headache, but got to spend a few good hours chatting with the potato boyfriend – and the both of us falling in and out of sleep during the call.

This was my christmas look this year. I wanted to try something new and something a little fancy. Let me break down my look for you: Urban Decay – Primer Potion, Urban Decay – Naked 3 Palette, Benefit Cosmetics – Big Easy BB Cream, Benefit Cosmetics – They’re Real Push Up Liner, L’oreal – Miss Manga Mascara, Gosh – Eyebrow Kit, as well as a random eyebrow pencil and some big false eye lashes.

Magical Gel Polish

I’ve been wanting to try something like this for such a long time and now I finally had the chance to. This is Elite99’s Chameleon gel nail polish, it is a gel polish that changes color on temperature which gives a super magical effect.

I don’t really know how and why I decided to look up these kind of nail polishes, but I found myself browsing the web for temperature changing (gel) nail polishes.

I love the effect these nail polishes have, once I step outside in the cold my nails slowly turn purple, and when back inside they transition back to blue. I wish the colors were a little more opaque, but I think it can be fixed with a white base coat before applying the Chameleon polish. Can’t say this enough, but, it’s so magical.

Washed up mermaid

If anyone knows me, just a little bit, they know that I love to change the color of my hair. The last few months I went from red, to red with a black ombre to light brown and sea foam green. I was in love with my red hair and actually surprised I had the color for over a year, but it was time for a change. I have plans in the future so I’m slowly transitioning back to a more “normal” hair color.

After a few months of obviously faded light brown I decided to dye the brown part of my hair back to my actual hair color, which is a really dark brown. Almost black. I love the result! My mermaid green looks so much better because of the contrast.

The sea foam green color in the bottom layer of my hair is called Washed up mermaid by Bleach London, which I ordered from the Boots website and had delivered to my lovely friend Dani back when she was still living in the UK. Like all unnatural hair colors this is a semi-permanent dye and will stain the hair, but fade with each wash. This color was perfect for me! It was hard saying goodbye to my Ariel red mermaid hair, so I wanted to keep at least a part of my hair colorful and mermaidy.