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Instax journey

I couldn’t help myself. I previously purchased the Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera, thinking that it would satisfy my need for any more gadgets. But, no. I still really wanted to get a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera and what time would be more perfect than the boyfriend visiting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still loving the Z2300, though bordered printing is seriously a pain. To still print polaroid-esque pictures I decided to just do it and get the Instax anyways. In just a few days I rushed to the store and got the Instax Mini Camera 8 in black, some packs of film and started creating loving memories.

I’m having so much fun out of this camera, it’s so easy to use and so cute to see the pictures being printed instantly. It’s a little pricey if you’re planning on using the camera regularly so I’m keeping it for special occasions. To keep my camera undamaged and clean, I purchased a square make up bag and lined it with the bubble wrap pouch/sheets that come with the camera box.

Taking pictures might need a little getting used to, especially when asking others to take the picture for you, but it is so much fun to just have that moment printed in a matter of seconds. And it’s always a little exciting to see how your picture develops.


Cutely organized

If I don’t write it down, I’ll forget. I realized that lately I really need my agenda/planner to keep track of things. For the last two years I’ve had school, two jobs and many other responsibilities, and I somehow need to have an overview of my schedules and appointments. For this I use my little Molang planner, completely decorated in cutesy stuff and a bunch of colors.

This year I purchased a new planner back in June, I did a quick eBay search and decided on a mint green Molang planner. This planner is undated so with it I ordered a sheet of month stickers. I got 24 stickers of which each sticker had a month on it from 2014/2015. I added all days into my planner and made cute stickers with the month and week number on them so I could stick those into the top left corner of each week.

I love Asian stationery and had purchased some earlier at anime conventions. I got a few Pony Brown sticky notes, little bunny sticky bookmarks and Rilakkuma/other Japanese characters A4 folders. Besides getting my cutesy Asian stationery at anime conventions I also get a lot of stuff online and recently ordered a bunch of stickers to decorate and organize my planner with. I always want to stay organized and bring my planner everywhere, as well as a cute plush Rilakkuma pencil case filled with pens, highlight markers, and a few sharpies. Along with that I also bring a small note book, just in case I need to quickly scribble down a few things.

I love to get creative with my planner, add pictures to make it more personal, fill it with cute sticky notes, stickers and lots of colors. It just kinda makes planning fun.

Five years of writing

What you see up here is one of my favorite things to do everyday, writing in my five year journal. This is my little blue ‘one-line-a-day’ journal in which I write a few sentences everyday. It’s made to last for five years, each page is a date with little sections for each year. I can’t believe I’m already through half of the journal, time goes by so fast! Each day I write down what has been keeping me busy, my thoughts or any special events. It’ll be so much fun to write in my journal in a few months and read back what I was doing/thinking the year before.

Behind the journal is my super adorable ipad in it’s Rilakkuma case. Besides writing in my journal I like to spend my free time online and will usually grab my ipad for a quick Skype-chat with the boyfriend.