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Traveling to London

London was a crazy few days but I enjoyed myself to the fullest. It was only a few short days but it was a new adventure all on its own. Now I’ve been to London before, but this would be my first time going there by myself to meet up with my friends.

I left on Monday morning, went to the airport and took an early flight to London. I was a little nervous but I love that airport feeling. Usually I make really long flights so this flight was a piece of cake. I had a little nap and woke up refreshed when we landed. I then took the train to the center of London and waited for my friends while I wandered around the station, had a latte and bought some magazines.

My friends picked me up at the train station later and took me into town. We did some shopping, had some good food and laughs. London was amazing and I really want to go back sometime. The last day was mostly relaxing and a bit of shopping. For my travel outfit I pretty much go for comfy, so I always pair up with a fluffy big scarf. This time wearing my Adidas x Rita Ora hoodie, a pair of shorts, tights and a pair of comfy free runs. I can’t wait to pack my bags and go traveling again.

Age of Ultron Premiere

London was insane to say the least. Traveling to London on my own was completely new to me, but seeing as I love to travel (even though sometimes I’m a bit scared to get lost) I was super excited. I met up with my friends, Dani, Daisy and Nieke in London and it was great!

The next day was waking up early, and I’m talking really early. At 4:30AM We were up and getting ready to go to the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere. The ladies got dressed up in their cosplays and I got to borrow Nieke’s Natasha Romanoff costume for the day (Thanks so much again!). This being my first premiere experience I had no idea what to expect but it was crazy. The first few hours were basically waiting out in the cold but after that we got to relax and wait at our spots at the place of the premiere.

Once the premiere started  all hell broke loose. I was super excited to see the cast and if lucky receive an autograph. We cheered, we jumped, we got pushed, it was absolutely mental. Though for me all I really wanted to see was Chris Evans. Without a lot of words, I didn’t really get to see him up close and basically just burst out into tears. I know, pathetic. However I did see a lot of others from the cast and it was really special to see them from up close and in real life.

I was heart broken about the Chris Evans thing, but my friends really tried to cheer me up. Daisy kindly offered me the autographs she had received at the premiere, including Chris Evans’ autograph. I will forever be so grateful to her! Needless to say I started crying again and received so much love and hugs from my friends. Of course I didn’t let it ruin my day, and we ended the night with some chit chatting and a little bit of McDonald’s at the hostel.

Overall I had a really fun (first) premiere. Though it was chaos and super tiring I really had an amazing time with the girls, thank you for making it a special day. Also, for any of you who are interested in seeing me brush my teeth and taking selfies, you can watch the vlog over at Food and Cosplay.


Unfortunately I have been back in the Netherlands for the last few weeks. Back to work and back to wearing scarfs, gloves and an extra pair of leggings. My USA trip was amazing, I loved spending time with my potato baby as well as with friends and family. This time was the first time during the holiday season and experiencing Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed our time together, and just like always it’s really special to me.

I don’t know when I’ll be going back to see him again and hopefully he’ll be able to come visit too next year. For now it’s back to work, saving some money, working on one last cosplay for now, maybe even picking up a new sport and doing some socializing with my friends. I’m so excited!

Snowy glitter

Christmas comes early for me, normally we don’t put up too many things around Christmas at home. Just because it takes a lot of effort and afterwards it’s just a huge mess. This being the first time in the States around this time of the year it’s really amazing to see how much Christmas stuff is in stores right after Halloween.

Together with the boyfriend we got our, very own, first Christmas tree. We got a tiny white tree, decorated with white and silver ornaments. I love the snowy feel our tree gives, it’s perfect for winter.

Vanilla Light Morning

Good morning, it’s a little bit chilly, but it’s nice and sunny out. Last week I packed my suitcase and made a trip to the airport, hopped on the plane and off I was to see the boyfriend. I had been looking forward to my trip, normally I would only visit once a year but this time would be different. Earlier this year I made two very short trips, so I was really excited to be visiting for all of November.

I’m used to visiting during the warmer months, so it’s a little bit weird that I have to get used to the colder weather over here. Though, not as cold as back at home. I’m not really doing anything special, just spending time together and enjoying every minute of it. Whenever the boyfriend’s at work I get the chance to relax, sleep in, pamper myself with a Lush bath and a Starbucks frappuccino in the morning.