Bunny Ankh

Meet my one true love, this is my bunny Ankh. She’s a small Teddy Dwarf rabbit and pretty much goes everywhere with me. I was never allowed to get a pet but after convincing my parents I was allowed to get a bunny back in 2012.

She was born on January 1st, 2012 and I got her when she was only a few weeks old. She’s about 2 years old now and she has grown a lot. At home she is free to go wherever she wants and the cage is mostly left open whenever someone’s at home, so she has enough space to walk around and play.

In the two years I’ve had her I got completely obsessed with bunnies and spoil Ankh like crazy. She is a really kind bunny who loves to cuddle and play, besides that she is also smart and listens to taught commands. When the day is over and everyone’s going to bed, I taught her to “go home”, she’ll then go back to her cage and get rewarded with a small bunny snack.

Washed up mermaid

If anyone knows me, just a little bit, they know that I love to change the color of my hair. The last few months I went from red, to red with a black ombre to light brown and sea foam green. I was in love with my red hair and actually surprised I had the color for over a year, but it was time for a change. I have plans in the future so I’m slowly transitioning back to a more “normal” hair color.

After a few months of obviously faded light brown I decided to dye the brown part of my hair back to my actual hair color, which is a really dark brown. Almost black. I love the result! My mermaid green looks so much better because of the contrast.

The sea foam green color in the bottom layer of my hair is called Washed up mermaid by Bleach London, which I ordered from the Boots website and had delivered to my lovely friend Dani back when she was still living in the UK. Like all unnatural hair colors this is a semi-permanent dye and will stain the hair, but fade with each wash. This color was perfect for me! It was hard saying goodbye to my Ariel red mermaid hair, so I wanted to keep at least a part of my hair colorful and mermaidy.

Cutely organized

If I don’t write it down, I’ll forget. I realized that lately I really need my agenda/planner to keep track of things. For the last two years I’ve had school, two jobs and many other responsibilities, and I somehow need to have an overview of my schedules and appointments. For this I use my little Molang planner, completely decorated in cutesy stuff and a bunch of colors.

This year I purchased a new planner back in June, I did a quick eBay search and decided on a mint green Molang planner. This planner is undated so with it I ordered a sheet of month stickers. I got 24 stickers of which each sticker had a month on it from 2014/2015. I added all days into my planner and made cute stickers with the month and week number on them so I could stick those into the top left corner of each week.

I love Asian stationery and had purchased some earlier at anime conventions. I got a few Pony Brown sticky notes, little bunny sticky bookmarks and Rilakkuma/other Japanese characters A4 folders. Besides getting my cutesy Asian stationery at anime conventions I also get a lot of stuff online and recently ordered a bunch of stickers to decorate and organize my planner with. I always want to stay organized and bring my planner everywhere, as well as a cute plush Rilakkuma pencil case filled with pens, highlight markers, and a few sharpies. Along with that I also bring a small note book, just in case I need to quickly scribble down a few things.

I love to get creative with my planner, add pictures to make it more personal, fill it with cute sticky notes, stickers and lots of colors. It just kinda makes planning fun.

Magical Girl Eyeliner ♡ Review

Moon Prism Power Makeup ♡ Today I have another review for you guys, this time I’ll be reviewing the Sailor Moon x Miracle Romance eyeliner in black. When I told the boyfriend I was going to write a review on this eyeliner he kept bugging me to do a video review, but, you guys will have to do with my written review. Ghehe.

♡ Six Years

Happy six-years-anniversary! Today me and the potato boyfriend have been together for six years. Wow, six years have gone by so fast and I honestly sometimes don’t even believe that it has really been that long.

A long distance relationship is really no fun, but we’re making the best of it. The last few visits have been short ones but I enjoyed every minute of them. I’m looking forward to visiting again and this time it’ll hopefully be a little longer. The picture up here is a picture I took when we went out on a ‘date’ to the park with the bun. Looking at pictures from our time together makes me miss him, but at least it won’t be long before I see him again.

Happy six years baby, I love you.

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