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Wedding Planning

Still far away, but it’s getting closer and closer. I’m so excited but unfortunately I have to wait just a bit longer to get everything sorted out. The process of requesting my visa is a really long one, it takes a bit of patience but it’s all going to turn out just fine.

Lately I’ve read through some magazines, I did some browsing online and made a few plans together with the fiance and the best part is I see him getting more interested in the wedding. He’s suggested a theme, looking for a suit and we’re more often discussing wedding-related things.

Last week I finally did my first official “wedding” purchase! We’re slowly collecting and purchasing all the bits and pieces for our special day. I can’t do too much at the moment because it is still so early and we don’t have a specific date in mind yet but we’re trying to plan whatever we can, for now it’s waiting for good news.