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Age of Ultron Premiere

London was insane to say the least. Traveling to London on my own was completely new to me, but seeing as I love to travel (even though sometimes I’m a bit scared to get lost) I was super excited. I met up with my friends, Dani, Daisy and Nieke in London and it was great!

The next day was waking up early, and I’m talking really early. At 4:30AM We were up and getting ready to go to the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere. The ladies got dressed up in their cosplays and I got to borrow Nieke’s Natasha Romanoff costume for the day (Thanks so much again!). This being my first premiere experience I had no idea what to expect but it was crazy. The first few hours were basically waiting out in the cold but after that we got to relax and wait at our spots at the place of the premiere.

Once the premiere started  all hell broke loose. I was super excited to see the cast and if lucky receive an autograph. We cheered, we jumped, we got pushed, it was absolutely mental. Though for me all I really wanted to see was Chris Evans. Without a lot of words, I didn’t really get to see him up close and basically just burst out into tears. I know, pathetic. However I did see a lot of others from the cast and it was really special to see them from up close and in real life.

I was heart broken about the Chris Evans thing, but my friends really tried to cheer me up. Daisy kindly offered me the autographs she had received at the premiere, including Chris Evans’ autograph. I will forever be so grateful to her! Needless to say I started crying again and received so much love and hugs from my friends. Of course I didn’t let it ruin my day, and we ended the night with some chit chatting and a little bit of McDonald’s at the hostel.

Overall I had a really fun (first) premiere. Though it was chaos and super tiring I really had an amazing time with the girls, thank you for making it a special day. Also, for any of you who are interested in seeing me brush my teeth and taking selfies, you can watch the vlog over at Food and Cosplay.

A Very Special Day

My last few weeks have been total chaos, work on and off and preparing for the boyfriend’s visit. As most of you know I’m in a long distance relationship and I usually travel to the States to see my boyfriend, this time it was going to be a little different. Five years ago I met him for the very first time IRL when he visited me and after all this time he was going to come over again for a short visit in the Netherlands. We had a few things planned including Dutch Comic Con the first weekend and a few city trips the next week. DCC was definitely a fun convention, and it ended in a very special way.

If the picture and the intro of this post didn’t give it away yet. We got engaged It was a very special moment that I’m glad I got to share with a few of my close friends. We’ve talked about our future in the past, discussed marriage and all of that, and even though I knew this was going to happen sometime in the near future I hadn’t expected him to ask me so early during his visit here. I was surprised, of course super happy but also very grateful he took into consideration to ask me with a few of my close friends present. Obviously I cried a lot of happy tears and received lots of love from everyone who congratulated us. Without any fancy words, I just feel so, so, blessed.

Now comes planning the wedding and all the other fun stuff, I’m really excited and definitely looking forward to our new adventure.

Monochromatic ♡ Cosplay

problemI’ve been putting it off for long enough now. Dutch Comic Con is in two weeks and I am far, far, far (!) from ready. I’ve been trying to avoid it, but it’s really time for me to start working on my cosplay.

Not too long ago Dani and I went out to the fabric market in Utrecht and gathered a few yards of fabric for our upcoming projects. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, but I got some fabric I ended up liking, and I definitely didn’t want to go home empty handed. Work has been a little slow and because I had all this extra time I started on making a draft dress for my cosplay and slowly work towards the final dress. I am definitely proud of my straight seams so far, and loving the black and white.

I’ve got one less problem now ;)

Do you trust me? ♡ Cosplay

From mermaid-princess to a princess on a magic carpet. I actually never planned to do a Jasmine cosplay but got convinced last year to make another Disney princess come to life. This is me in my Arabian princess costume. I wore this Jasmine, Disney’s Aladdin, cosplay at Animecon 2014, The Hague. This costume is the first costume I really made from scratch, the first time making a pattern and making my own harem pants and bandeau-ish top. I loved how it turned out and even got complimented on my cosplay by cosplayer Yaya Han – I still can’t believe that I finally got to see her in person and have a little chat with her. She’s such a sweetheart and inspiring person!

Of course the wig for Jasmine was horror, but I loved working on it. I used a black lining fabric that I stuffed with some plushie stuffing, draped the hair around it and sew the hair together. I know it sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. Though I loved working on this costume I see a lot of room for improvement, I just started learning how to make my cosplays and I really want to update my Jasmine costume sometime in the future.

I’m not sure what my next cosplay will be, but I’m definitely not done cosplaying princesses.

Princess without a voice ♡ Cosplay

Just a little snippet from when I dressed up as a mermaid princess. I love to cosplay and have been wearing different costumes to anime conventions since 2012. Ariel is definitely one of my favorite characters to cosplay. I first wore this costume at Animecon 2013, The Hague, to the convention prom. Wearing this dress truly makes me feel like a princess! The most fun part was styling the wig and creating the beautiful, gravity defying, bangs that Ariel has.

This picture was taken during an event for little children. I visited a school for their fairy tale themed week, read the story about the Little Mermaid with the kids and afterwards visited their classrooms and took a bunch of pictures with them. It was so much fun!