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Traveling to London

London was a crazy few days but I enjoyed myself to the fullest. It was only a few short days but it was a new adventure all on its own. Now I’ve been to London before, but this would be my first time going there by myself to meet up with my friends.

I left on Monday morning, went to the airport and took an early flight to London. I was a little nervous but I love that airport feeling. Usually I make really long flights so this flight was a piece of cake. I had a little nap and woke up refreshed when we landed. I then took the train to the center of London and waited for my friends while I wandered around the station, had a latte and bought some magazines.

My friends picked me up at the train station later and took me into town. We did some shopping, had some good food and laughs. London was amazing and I really want to go back sometime. The last day was mostly relaxing and a bit of shopping. For my travel outfit I pretty much go for comfy, so I always pair up with a fluffy big scarf. This time wearing my Adidas x Rita Ora hoodie, a pair of shorts, tights and a pair of comfy free runs. I can’t wait to pack my bags and go traveling again.